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Dr. Kimberly Nguyen and Dr. Priscilla Howie are the podiatrists at our practice.  Drs. Nguyen and Howie are board certified podiatrists who are highly trained in all aspects of foot and ankle.  We are located at 13th and South Street and taking COVID precautions to be able to perform in person visits.  We also offer telehealth visits for the convenience and safety of our patients.  We are happy to see any and all foot and ankle conditions.  We attempt all conservative treatment options before considering surgical options.  We have many different modalities and treatment options to help treat all sorts of foot and ankle conditions.

Our Doctors
Kimberly Nguyen, DPM

Dr. Kimberly Nguyen is a podiatry specialist, foot and ankle surgeon, and a leading practitioner at Philly City Foot Doc. She graduated from Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine and specializes in podiatry, podiatric surgery, and more. She is also a graduate of Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Biomedical Science.

Priscilla Howie, DPM

Dr. Priscilla Howie is a compassionate and well trained foot and ankle specialist. She completed her four year podiatric surgical residency right here in Philadelphia at Temple University Hospital. She places emphasis on patient education as this empowers their journey to recovery.

Michael Walinsky, DPM

Dr. Michael D Walinsky is a Podiatry Specialist and founding podiatrist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated with honors from Pennsylvania College Of Podiatric Medicine in 1987. He has more than 32 years of diverse experience and is well respected by his peers. He is semi-retired and enjoying spending more time with his family.

Dr. Eric S. Lustig, DPM

Dr. Eric S. Lustig is a Podiatry Specialist trained in the treatment of foot and ankle disorders.  He graduated from Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine in 1983 and has more than 36 years of podiatric experience.  In addition to his office practice, he provides compassionate care to home bound, personal care and nursing home patients.  He is also a graduate of Muhlenberg College with a B.S. in Natural Sciences.

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"Dr. Nguyen is such an expert in her field. She explained my condition very thoroughly. She made me feel very comfortable in her office and she really cares about her patients."

"I've been seeing Dr. Walinsky for years now and I send my family and friends to him since he takes such good care of me!"

"I was very impressed with the care given to me by Dr. Nguyen, she was very knowledgeable and answered my questions. She successfully treated my chronic condition which had been misdiagnosed previously by another doctor. I would recommend her to others."

"Dr. Walinsky was recommended to me by my previous podiatrist who retired. I am so happy with the care that I have been receiving."

"Dr. Nguyen was very thorough and fixed my problems. I was truly impressed with the care that was given. A++"

"Friendly, knowledgeable, resolved my pain."

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Michael Walinsky, DPM

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