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SWIFT® Plantar Warts Treatment

The SWIFT® Cutting-Edge Treatment For Plantar Warts at Philly City Foot Doc

Sometimes conventional treatments for warts are simply not effective enough and a different treatment regime is required. The SWIFT treatment for plantar warts has shown terrific results. 

Traditional treatment methods, like cryotherapy, can be painful and will require multiple sessions. For cases that are difficult to treat, these options may not be sufficiently effective. The Swift® device delivers controlled microwave energy into the problem area of the skin using state-of-the-art technology. This process stimulates the patient’s body to create a healing response, thus treating plantar warts at their source. The procedure is quick, clean, virtually painless, and non-invasive with little or no recovery time.


Immune therapy, though effective at treating plantar warts, has conventionally relied on medications or injections on the site of the affected tissue. The Swift device offers several benefits in treating the root cause of plantar warts. Chief benefits include:

  • Virtually painless: The treatment involves minimal discomfort (lasting only a few seconds)

  • Minimal debridement: Microwave energy does not break the surface of the skin and instead penetrates the tissue to a pre-determined depth.

  • Minimal recovery time: Patients are able to return to normal activity after treatment.

  • Quick procedure: Sessions last between 5-10 minutes.

  • Safe & Clean

  • Leaves no evidence of scarring

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