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ORTHO-NESIC PAIN-RELIEVING GEL contains the highest amount of its active ingredients, Camphor and Menthol, approved by the FDA for non-prescription use. Our special gel formula goes on cool and gradually gets hot. This dual-action process provides excellent temporary relief from pain due to sore muscles, arthritis, sprains, strains and sports injuries.


• Dual Action Formula for Arthritis, Muscle Pain, Tendinitis, Soreness and More
• Topical analgesic developed for effective relief of Myositis, Tendonitis, Capsulitis, Muscle spasms, and Arthritis pain
• Contains Capsaicin (0.01%) and the maximum FDA-allowed amounts of Camphor (0.02%) and Menthol (2.5%) available without a prescription
• Penetrates quickly, allowing for deeper, more-effective relief
• Goes on cool and gradually heats up
• Infused with Capsaicin, Ilex and Green Tea
• Paraben-Free formulation
• Light, oil-free formula that absorbs into the skin fast
• Quickly relieves soreness from sports injuries, arthritis, muscle pain, tendinitis and more
• Longer lasting formula, one application offers relief for up to 6 hours


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