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KeryFlex- Nail

Restoration System

Restores the appearance of toenails

to a natural-looking toenail which is

both flexible and durable.

What is KeryFlex?

It is a nail restoration system that uses polymer resins and special activators

to create a durable, yet flexible artificial nail.


Composite patented resin gel:

  • Insoluble to water.

  • Seals prepared nail bed.

  • Available in three colors: pastel, clear, and natural.

  • Responsive to a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light.


How Does KeryFlex Work? 

The Nail bed is prepared, sometimes thinning down of the nail may be needed. Bond is then brushed onto the nail plate and nail bed. We then use a resin to build and create a new toenail that’s aesthetically and visually pleasing.

Ideal Candidates for KeryFlex-Nail Restoration System:

  • Onychomycosis

  • Nail shape changes due to injury

  • Spoon-shaped nails

  • Brittle and splitting nails

  • Split nails

  • Horizontal ridges

  • Discolored nails

Benefits of the KeryFlex System:

  • Does not irritate the skin.

  • Only sticks to the existing toenail.

  • Will, not bond to skin, allowing for a natural edge to be fabricated.

  • Allows patients to use antimicrobial/antifungal solutions to treat fungal infections.

  • Provides for cosmetically pleasing toenails.

  • It is durable, flexible, and moves with the foot.

  • Unaffected by acetone, nail polish, detergents.

  • Providing immediate cosmetic improvement during Laser treatment for Onychomycosis.

How Much Does KeryFlex Cost?

The cost is dependent on the number of toenails you needed to be restored. The first toenail is $150. The more toenails you do the less the cost per toenail. Multiple toenails can be done during the same session.



How long does it take to apply KeryFlex?

  • On average, our assistants can complete the application of the KeryFlex system, in 10-15 minutes for the one toenail and additional 10 minutes for each additional toenail.

Can patients use nail polish and nail polish remover on a KeryFlex nail?

  • Yes, patients can use nail polish and nail polish remover on a KeryFlex nail.

What if you want to have a KeryFlex nail removed?

  • If the patient wants to have the nail removed, the podiatrist can dremel the artificial nail until it is no longer attached to the natural nail.

After KeryFlex is applied, how soon must the patient return for another application?

  • The interval between applications will vary, but in general, the time between applications is six to eight weeks.

Is KeryFlex a treatment for onychomycosis and related nail disorders?

  • KeryFlex is NOT a treatment for onychomycosis or related nail disorders. KeryFlex is designed for use as a cosmetic to make a patient’s nail appear more attractive.

Have any adverse events or side effects been reported with KeryFlex use?

  • The manufacturer of KeryFlex, Wilde GmBH, has not reported any adverse events with the use of KeryFlex according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Call us today to Schedule your appointment: 215-471-0433.

If you have any questions, our staff will be happy to take your call and provide you with additional information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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