TERPENICOL® ANTIFUNGAL CREAM is the most powerful antifungal cream out today. It is equipped with a proven formula that has existed for nearly two decades. With five antifungal ingredients, both fungicidal and fungistatic, there is no product on the market better at killing skin fungus. 

• Flagship antifungal from 1995 that inspired the entire antifungal line and has remained a top seller in its respective category among competitors
• Cream-based antifungal infused with Undecylenic Acid (13%) as well as Urea, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, and Clotrimazole
• Effective in the treatment of the skin fungus that causes Onychomycosis, Tinea pedis, Tinea cruris, and Tinea corporis
• Easy-to-dispense applicator tip


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