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SCARCARE GEL - PAD KIT™ is a patented, FDA-approved scar reduction silicone gel matrix which guarantees to flatten or fade any scar of any age. Clinical study results show an improvement on 80% of scars in as little as three months. Works through compression, occlusion and hydration. 


• Contains Benzalkonium Chloride in order to eliminate any infections in or around the scar
• Reuseable silicone gel matrix means the pad or strip is effective for months, not weeks
• The Gel-Pad Kits include E-Sil, a bonus Vitamin E solution, which is to be used when the gel-pad is off in order to provide a complete 24-hour treatment
• Provides superior occlusion, compression, and hydration to flatten and fade hypertrophic, keloid, and hyperpigmented scars of any age Medical-grade silicone gel matrix sheet with Vitamin E


SKU: 04000-01-P-BOX
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